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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Become a Dynamic
business with
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
If you want a dynamic business that can easily adapt, move faster than the competition, and thrive in an environment of constant change, then it is essential to be able to quickly perceive and react to signals, threats and opportunities.

Indeed, it is important TO IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO ANTICIPATE rather than react to these signals.

Success belongs to dynamic companies, and when becoming dynamic, companies require a “new breed of software” which is agile and proactive.

The “traditional software” products for companies are passive, backward-looking, and are recording systems. Users do their work, and perform step by step transactions, telling the software what has been done. Precise rules and the help of reporting allow compliance and control, but this is where this type of software comes to a stop.

Help your company on the path to being a dynamic business with optimal integration between the work of people, activities, systems and data: in this way results can be maximized. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to unite business and IT organization, the front office and the back office, and the business with its customers, partners and suppliers, breaking down barriers and eliminating conflict in order to maximize results.
It is proactive and forward-looking; connecting people with their work, bringing out insights that enable better decisions, and guiding the processes that optimize results. It is agile and allows for adaptation to changing market conditions.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a recording system, but it is also a system of control and opportunities.
It facilitates a deeper understanding of the operations and processes that guide the company in order to obtain greater control.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can:
- Gain control of your financial management
- Manage the items for sale and materials for distribution companies
- Allow users to access their area from anywhere through different clients

You can also integrate the basic procedures for financial management and distribution with specific extensions linked to production, including:
- Manufacturing, for the support and contribution of the production environment
- Warehousing, for the management and the support of storage procedures
- Professional Services, for the management of invoices issued by consultants
- Basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to manage the customer-supplier relationship and provide the highest quality assistance
The main advantages for those who choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) are summarized below:

  • Increased productivity thanks to a simple intuitive interface that allows the user to access the required information quickly and easily.
  • Operations completed more quickly thanks to Microsoft Office data export functions. You can work easily with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel export functions to access information, and analyse and share them with other users.
  • Quicker strategic decision-making process. Microsoft Business Intelligence functions provide the user with the information required to make the correct decision at the right time. The result is improved management process control and response to changes.
  • Solutions tailored to specific operating needs thanks to open architecture and a wide ecosystem of solutions by sector as well as ad hoc personalisation options provided by NAV-lab. You will be able to expand Microsoft Dynamics NAV and meet the company’s specific requirements.
Main features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision):

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an intuitive user interface similar to that used in other Microsoft products
  • Simple personalisation
    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can easily personalize tables, reports and user pages. You can also link MS Dynamics NAV to third-party software programmes for optimal business management.
  • Specific solutions by market sector
    The NAV-lab Microsoft-certified partner can provide qualified support in implementing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and help the company benefit from a complete ecosystem of offers for a specific market sector.
  • Integration with other Microsoft products and technology
    Investments in technology are optimised by integration with other Microsoft products and technology, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows SharePoint Services, BizTalk Server and Windows Live Local Search programmes. Compatibility with SQL Server 2005 increases the system’s critical data retrieval capacity. SQL Server Reporting Services also allows more effective and complex analyses.
  • Rapid implementation
    Rapid and effective implementation thanks to the NAV-lab solution: Tempo Zero – Application models
  • Multi-language and multi-currency product
    As you can work inside the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system using more than one language and more than one currency, the company can extent its business beyond national boundaries. The system supports more than 40 languages.
  • Flexible in its Mode of Implementation
    Based on the specific needs of customers, NAV-lab offers various types of project implementations:
    On-Premise Mode
    On-Cloud Mode with Hosting on Microsoft’s DataCenter in Europe
    On-Cloud Mode with Nav-lab Hosting c/o DataCenter in Italy
    On-Cloud Mode with NAV-lab Hosting c/o DataCenter for rent at the customer site
    Hybrid Mode (On-Premise + On-Cloud)
The following image shows the Microsoft Dynamics NAV three-level architecture, as follows:

  1. client level - provides access to role-tailored data and processes;
  2. sever level - contains rapid, convenient integrations with other applications;
  3. database level - based on the SQL Server, one of the most robust and reliable database platforms available today.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers an intuitive work environment that is based on business work method studies and reproduces the familiar aspects of other Microsoft products. Unprecedented user experience includes access via the Role Centre page to role-tailored business displays and processes that provide users with information and tools suitable for specific jobs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is supplied with 21 ready-installed Role Centres that are optimised for the main professional functions to allow employees to organise and classify their activities in order of priority and increase their productivity and efficiency.