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Tempo Zero 2015
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV2015

Tempo Zero is NAV-lab’s ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, certified by Microsoft (CfMD - Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

The joint investments of companies which form part of the NAV-lab group have enabled its creation and ensure that it is continually updated and improved.

Tempo Zero’s evolutionary Road Map solution provides releases of absolute interest at fixed dates, and in line with the road map provided to NAV by Microsoft. It is a guarantee of quality and innovation that is greatly appreciated by the client companies.

The product was developed by NAV-lab’s R&D laboratory, which is constantly conducting new developments and technologies developed in the best projects that have been implemented. In this way, Tempo Zero is constantly evolving in line with the demand from the customer base.

Tempo Zero:
• makes it even easier to launch the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP in-house,
• leverages all the new capabilities and technologies in the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• adds new more important additional functions
• drastically reduces the costs associated with the transition to subsequent releases of the ERP
Hundreds of companies and a few thousand users use Tempo Zero for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was first released in 2003.

The main advantages are:
  • Business models dedicated to the operational methods and specific market sectors
  • Configured for different business roles
  • Quick launch Mode for projects
  • Prior definition of launch costs
  • Creation of a prototype with actual company data
  • Easily adaptable to specific needs
  • Automation and speeding up of the integration with other applications already in the company
  • Process optimization in the various functional areas
  • Automation of multiple functionalities and business processes
  • Fully integrated management of Italian accounting and fiscal requirements
  • Advanced models for analysis and reporting
  • Administration of financial information
  • Integration of processes by means of sophisticated collaboration, sharing and design tools
Ease of use.
Tempo Zero increases the ease of use inherent in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making it simple for all professionals in the various functional areas to use the ERP.

Increased management capabilities for financial, administrative and treasury managers.
To ensure the greatest detail in Management Control with the shortest initial starting time, Tempo Zero offers set up models aimed at both commercial and manufacturing SMEs, with a pre-defined plan of general accounts, a compilation of the main basic tables and several reclassification models used for analysis and fiscal indicators.

Improvement of supply chain management for sales managers, purchasing managers, and logistics managers.
With regards to the business activities of companies, the Tempo Zero ERP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) enhances the NAV functions dedicated to Sales, in all its most peculiar aspects, from the management of commercial policies to statistical analyses.

There are numerous Add-on Functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV contained in Zero Time.
The Add-on Functionalities bridge the gap between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and the working methods of the typical Italian company.

Below an indicative list of areas involved: