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Archivia for Microsoft Dynamics NAV e CRM

Archivia: Integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tempo Zero

Digital Storage of Business Documents and their individual or massive e-mailing or certified electronic mailing.

ARCHIVIA is a sophisticated application enabling businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tempo Zero to gather and make available within the ERP business documents in .pdf format and send them via email and CEM either individually or massively.

The storage mainly concerns documents used in the active flow, such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, returns from customers, and some of those used in the passive flow, such as orders to suppliers and returns to suppliers. Storage may relate to other documents according to corporate needs.

   Video about ARCHIVIA  on cloud:
   based on the integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
   and Office 365 - Microsoft SharePoint online

The user of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can, by simply pressing a button in the NAV menu, display the document in .pdf format and send it via e-mail and CEM.

The document is sent individually or massively, e.g. the Accounting office can send all invoices to customers or reminders to those have not yet paid the bill.

Menuù ARCHIVIA 2013 memorizzazione digitale documenti

Everything in its own place

ARCHIVIA: documents accessible in SharePoint

The sophisticated technology created for ARCHIVIA 2013 takes full advantage of the powerful Microsoft technologies, and Microsoft SharePoint in particular.

As for Microsoft SharePoint, you can choose either On-Premise mode or CLOUD mode, since SharePoint Online is included in the Office 365 suite.

Microsoft SharePoint Online help reduce hardware operating and maintenance costs.

In addition to documents from the corporate management system, our customers using Archivia have included other documents, such as catalogues, technical drawings, etc., which are accessible to salesmen, agents and customers via the SharePoint portal.
All Quality Management System documents can also be gathered and accessed.

ARCHIVIA "=!£ integrato in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

According to business requirements, with ARCHIVIA documents are made available to people other than MicrosoftDynamics NAV licenced users: people who can consult them via the SharePoint portal browser, simply by using the Internet connection.

In this way, surfers can also use the powerful SEARCH instrument  of SharePoint to find information in the same .pdf document.
Focus on customer

ARCHIVIA: integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ARCHIVIA can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Focus on customer: the whole history of your customer at hand to understand his future needs and expectations.

People working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with ARCHIVIA can have an all-round view of customer behaviour.

In addition to all the powerful information provided by Microsoft Dynamics  CRM, the user can:
   - view the documents relating to each customer from the corporate management system (e.g. invoices issued in the name of that customer),
   - load sales documents (quotations and contracts) and view those issued previously,
   - display reports of after-service service interventions, with an indication of the most requested ones,
   - load all the additional documents that are deemed useful,
   - use the SharePoint search tool using search filters by content in the .pdf or name file.

This detailed view helps to fully understand customer needs and make decisions for future strategic planning.

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