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Vertical package for Large Retailers (GDO)
GDO Supplier is the international ERP based on Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV and designed for food and non-food businesses that supply large retail operators.

With GDO Supplier you can handle efficiently and promptly all processes and procurement, production, sale and logistics activities that are crucial for achieving your business targets.

Thanks to the planning, automation and control functions, you can simplify the decision-making process and face up to market challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of the vertical package for large retailers (GDO)
  • Management of buying groups by hierarchy and control of their sales policies
  • Application of supplier contract conditions and associated bonuses
  • Management and control of promotions and leaflets
  • Timely valuation of promotional activity margins
  • Receipt of sales orders online
  • Optimisation of logistics and warehousing
  • User of radio-frequency terminals for goods handling
  • Product traceability
  • Organisation of despatches
  • Sales figures using the Business Intelligence tools
Typical problems for large retailers (GDO)
The large retail market comprises large national and multinational groups and organisations with numerous outlets covering the entire country. Competition is fierce, product margins are very low, and suppliers have to handle complex contracts imposed by the Buying Groups.

Facing up to market challenges, with profitable management of production and supply activities, means that the companies supplying large retailers need a precise, accurate organisation that is always up to date. The vast range of production, commercial, logistics and administrative activities require the adoption of planning and control tools to solve a variety of problems such as:
  • non-integrated information systems, which require the consultation of numerous sources and do not provide an overall and reliable vision of historic figures and forecasts;
  • a lack of useful data for establishing business strategies to adopt following changes in the market;
  • the need for careful stock management to guarantee accurate and rapid distribution, and avoid errors and wastage;
  • The aggregation of customers in buying groups on numerous hierarchical levels in view of negotiating advantageous selling conditions;
  • the complexity of purchase and supply contracts, which envisage highly variable promotional and incentive policies;
  • the need to establish real-time promotional and incentive profitability policies for both purchases and sales;
  • product traceability and shelf life limits;
  • complex logistics associated with the storage, picking and despatch of goods;
  • mobility of the sales force, which operates according to complex commission schemes.
Specific functions for large retailers
Management of buying groups
You can simplify the management of thanks to a hierarchical organisation within freely configurable structures. This will give you an overall view of the links between buying centres, retail companies and end users.

Supply contracts, discounts and bonuses
As with Buying Groups, you can establish and manage more complex supply agreements via freely definable contracts that lay down rules for the application of prices, discounts and bonuses. A contract can encompass various policies in relation to hierarchical levels and the automatic calculation of series of bonuses for the achievement of set purchase volumes.

Promotions and leaflets
You can configure promotions (conditions, target customers, articles, validity, etc.) and at the end of them, you can resume the general conditions of supply automatically and also have all the results available immediately, including figures associated with the distribution of leaflets.

Commission policies
You can easily control complex commission schemes thanks to a matrix associated agents, customers, products and discounts. Each transaction is associated with one or more operators, and the proposed commission rate can be changed as required.

Sales budget control
Do you want to know if you have achieved your targets? A multi-dimensional analysis will provide you with all the necessary figures in real time. You can analyse deviations so that you can implement immediately sales strategies, know how long until a bonus is matured and paid, by the contract party or other entities associated with the Buying Group.

Online orders
Via a web interface, operators can enter orders and obtain information on sales activities (order schedules, statistics, executed orders, and so on) in accordance with hierarchical roles and access privileges for Sales Managers, Area Managers, Agents and Sellers. The orders entered can be checked and processed automatically thanks to the pre-configured authorisation process.

Logistics and despatches
You can optimise logistics activities thanks to radio-frequency terminals and flexibility in defining storage logics, with suggestions on how to optimise the picking area and handle picking activities: grouping of orders by geographical area, carrier, delivery term, type of article and so on.

Business Intelligence
You can use standard models of analysis and obtain micro-details of the most significant elements. For instance, you can analyze single product margins or sales force profitability by cross-referencing the figures with multiple dimensions of analysis and measurement (buying group, retail chain, customer classification, sales outlet, product sector, sales force, product, etc.).

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