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Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche (Metal Working) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a vertical package containing the management model for a typical metalworking company.
It is the result of consolidated know-how and experience acquired in 30 years of managing information systems in steel, brass, copper and bronze metalworking companies.

Thanks to the many projects we have implemented so far, Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche has evolved and now provides advanced solutions to cover multiple needs of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

It is ideal for use by SMEs operating in various business sectors, which are characterized by:
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Own design / customer design manufacturing
  • Plant-to-order manufacturing
  • Assembly manufacturing

Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains the start-up plan allowing manufacturing companies in the metalworking sector to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV at known times and costs.

Ingest ensures continuous improvement of the solution offered by releasing quarterly upgrades.

The road map of Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche is in line with NAV-lab Tempo Zero releases (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV releases.

A metalworking company wishing to renew its information systems seeks a solution that:

  • enhances the typical process methods that are well-proven in corporate policy
  • complements existing applications
  • allows machining operations that are typical of metal working companies, such as “subcontracted work” and “supplementary work or work with recovery cycle”
  • allows flexible management of the bill of materials list by component validity date
  • allows to handle the processing parameters typical of this sector
  • gives the possibility of handling specific inspection and test cycles
  • provides a test management plan associated with quality management documents
  • provides advanced burr management
  • provides advanced cost management

  • Picture – From the ERP Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for NAV work environment, the Production Manager displays the production simulation graph (within a specified date) of an item, in relation to the demand, planned loads and inventories

    Video clip

    Video YouTube Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche per Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    A short video clip presenting Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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    Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, the vertical solution for manufacturing companies in the metalworking industry, ensures the most comprehensive production management thanks to its advanced solutions and applications and related setup.

    Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche is a flexible solution that is tailored to each company’s specific requirements and is upgrade to keep pace with changes to the business model.

    The main advantages are:
    • Definition of a production plan;
    • Simplified inbound and outbound warehousing;
    • Tracking operations by serial or lot number;
    • Production cost estimates and final calculation;
    • Subcontracted work management;
    • Times analysis from machine PC terminals;
    • Automated fast integration with other applications;
    • Creation of a prototype with company’s real data
    • Sharing business documents thanks to electronic filing on the Microsoft SharePoint portal;
    • Management control (product cost);
    • Integration of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution with sophisticated collaboration, sharing and process drawing tools.

    ERP dynamics nav per aziende di produzione
    Picture. Production order showing the receipt of field production data in the ERP of Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for NAV.

    Main features
    The Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche vertical package for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 can be used to start up Microsoft Dynamics NAV at known times and costs according to the business model of manufacturing companies, thanks to the following features:
    • Complete setup;
    • Possibility to define procurement and planning policies by item/location (SKU);
    • Stocks and re-order lot management;
    • Replacement item management;
    • Production capacity specification by work centre and production area;
    • Definition of production areas, stocks and setups regarding subcontractors;
    • Possibility to set up other versions of bills of materials and cycles with version data logging;
    • Bill of materials management by component validity date ;
    • Availability analysis from customer order (using ATP and CTP);
    • Two-level interactive planning with separate MPS and MRP;
    • Procurement schedule management;
    • Planned order management;
    • Production to order or to stock;
    • Production order release management;
    • Subcontracted work management;
    • Conversion work management;
    • Special orders, such as supplementary work or recovery cycle work ;
    • Burr recovery;
    • Production load by work centres/production area;
    • Specific supply management by job order;
    • Integrated BI that provides methods for assessing internal and external efficiency (performance indicators and measurement) and economic efficiency;
    • Production progress management: a) declarative method; b) field measurement method
    • Field data acquisition: connection with machine terminal control software for complete production control, careful analysis of times and efficiency of own machines and production cycles;
    • Timely update of production dates by individual stage and delivery date management;
    • Production data logging and analyses;
    • Integrated logistics or possible interfacing with the existing logistics system;
    • Drag-and-Drop management from the technical list of materials to the production list;
    • Simplified production management for assembly

    For specific requirements, Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is integrated with:

    • Quality System Management,
    • Product and Sales Configurator,
    • B2B / B2C e-Commerce Site Management

    Document digital storage
    Tempo Zero Lavorazioni Meccaniche provides, via ARCHIVIA (SharePoint portal),), the electronic storage of all company documents sent to customers or received from suppliers, plus fiscal documents, via a web interface for private or public consultation.
    The documents created by the production area, such as drawings and test reports, can be filed as required.
    The documents can be shared, printed and e-mailed, either individually or massively (including CEM) by authorised persons anywhere
    The Search function can be used to display the document immediately by entering any words included in the .pft file. Archivia is available both in the on-premise and cloud mode. In the cloud mode, it exploits the full potential of SharePoint Online in Office 365, thereby dramatically reducing the activation costs and times.
    Industrial accounting
    Industrial accounting is used to understand the operating cost of any activity.
    The industrial accounting data are intended to analyses the actual and estimated costs for consumption, departments, products and projects.
    They are allocated to analyse the profitability of the company.

    Main components of industrial accounting:

    • cost types,
    • cost centres,
    • cost objects,
    • cost changes and cost recording,
    • cost allocation,
    • cost budget,
    • cost reporting

    A solution created and managed by NAV-lab by INGEST: