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T@LETE-NAV Technical assistance company management
T@lete-Nav is a NAV-lab application based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that allows management of operations in companies providing technical assistance to their customers.

The aim of the application is to optimize planning, management and control of technical assistance processes and offer companies and customers a high degree of service efficiency and skills.

T@lete-Nav is therefore the ideal solution for supporting technical assistance interventions with flexibility, meeting the customer’s needs and integrating with different function areas (sales, human resources, warehousing, purchasing) to allow job order management and all aspects associated with service calls.

Service calls can be associated with a specific job order or a lower-level project, and they can be included in a work flow that handles and controls the various stages: from automatic (or manual) creation of the call ticket to identification of a dedicated service engineer, and closing and invoicing of the operations carried out.

The application comprises the handling of all materials used to carry out the work, allowing full traceability of each item, warehousing and in/outbound despatch control.
Main advantages
T@lete-Nav is the best solution to handle all problems encountered by companies providing technical assistance at their customers’ premises.

The main advantages are:
  • operating cost optimisation and cutting
  • improved response times and service quality
  • recovery of operating efficiency in general

Problems specific to this sector
Companies that supply technical services seek a solution that is able to:

  • provide the service information required by the customers and guarantee an efficient intervention, a prompt response and controlled methods;
  • organise and control the visits of service engineers to optimise planning, management, completion and control intervention processes;
  • monitor service interventions and the success of the activities carried out at a centralised level by means of a common work-flow;
  • handle the service level agreement (SLA);
  • control item movements from/to the warehouse;
  • draw up a statement of the interventions made;
  • prepare financial reports and financially assess the customers’ job orders;
  • create event statistics to create an easily accessible archive, particularly useful for companies providing customers with after-sales assistance.
Specific functions
T@lete-Nav is the ideal tool for handling job orders in companies that provide technical services and associated activities, such as resource management, the loading of worked hours, job-related costs, invoicing procedures and statistical analysis (e.g. contribution margin). The T@lete-Nav solution has been developed by exploiting the potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project,) and other tools, such as document archive software and business intelligence.
Job order and project management
Job orders are elements that encompass income and charges as well as preventive customer assistance actions, the hour budget and the resources used or to be used.
Based on specific conditions, it is possible to identify the relation with each customer, who can therefore be provided with a personal contract differing from that of other customers.
Development of the information flow generated and monitored by T@lete-Nav takes shape from this initial information and subsequent launching of the job order.
For each job order you can specify the number of hours you intend to allocate to each resource, the type of invoicing, identification of the machines being serviced and the type of SLA.
This product uses a dedicated setup to define the sub-orders or projects, thus allowing more detailed control.
Service calls
The calls can be opened by the end user straight from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, using the web service or an FTP (file transfer protocol).
A work-flow of the call status and e-mail notices to the reference contacts are also envisaged.
Traceability of the materials used and warehouse movements is also possible, allocating the cost of the materials used to the job order.
For each customer it is possible to identify the time it took to complete the work, and allocate any expenses and labour costs to the job order.
SLA time monitoring is always possible.
This application is used to allocate to the job order the hours and costs not strictly associated with service calls.
Association with the job order allows identification of the invoicing method (on work completion, periodic, timesheet, etc.), which is valued in accordance with the fees and commercial terms and conditions agreed with the customer.
With T@lete-Nav and the integration developed with the SharePoint platform you can:
• file all service reports in electronic format;
• use the customer portal to access service calls, view the state of progress of current interventions and print a service report interactively;
• use technical portals to view the service calls associated with each service engineer, handle the state of progress and print a service report.

T@lete-Nav can be used to file in electronic format all in-house documents sent to customers and received from suppliers, as well as fiscal documents which can be shared, sent and printed by authorised operators from any computer station with an Internet link.

Documents can undergo specific organisational procedures to ensure public or reserved viewing of the data using sophisticated security policy control.

T@lete-Nav also handles common documents, such as test certificates and technical specifications.
Management control
This function, which is integrated with T@lete-Nav and Dynamics Nav , can via specific Excel dashboard and analysis be used to register and monitor hours and costs associated with the job order and calculate the cost of the service rendered to the customer, and also the profitability and contribution margins for the company.

A solution created and managed by:

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